Series 11 — The Light of the World — Lesson 7

John 3:1-21 — Nicodemus Visits Jesus

Read John 3:1-21

  • What is Nicodemus willing to acknowledge about Jesus?
  • How does Jesus’ response shake Nicodemus’ world as he understood it?
  • How does he understand Jesus’ talk about the Kingdom of God?

Nicodemus comes in the darkness, seeking something from Jesus.  What might Nicodemus have been expecting to hear?  What is the light Jesus gives to Nicodemus?

Read verses 10-17

What does Jesus reveal about himself in these words to Nicodemus?

  • Who is he?
  • Why has he come?
  • What is the purpose of his coming?
  • What will the end result be?

Note that this passage beings and ends with darkness.  What is the darkness in Nicodemus?  What is the light he seeks?

  • Think for a few moments about light.  Write down the characteristics of light as they come to mind. (Matthew Henry, in his commentary on John, says:  Light is self-evidencing. . . .Light is discovering. . . . It is come into all the world (Col. 1:6), and not confined to one corner of it).
  • Contemplate the darkness in your own life – darkness from too little or two much knowledge; darkness from hidden sin; darkness from misunderstanding and fear.
  • Where do you seek to remain in the darkness rather than coming into the light?
  • How do these words speak to your darkness? 

Pray for God to reveal the dark places in your life and your relationships and bring the Light of Christ into them.