Series 21: Staying Healthy along the Way – Lesson 4: When do I rest?

When do I rest?

According to the Genesis story, humanity began with God’s activity – breathing into Adam’s nostrils the breath of life. We still receive life from the Creator of the universe. We receive new life from our risen, Spirit-sending Savior. We receive inspiration and strength to live this new life from the Holy Spirit. God is the Giver. We are, first of all, receivers. – Don Postema, Catch Your Breath. 1997

Read Exodus 31:12-18 at least 3 times. Reread verses 12-13 several times more.

  1. What is the context of this passage?
  2. What are the key and repeated words?
  3. What and who are holy (defined as consecrated, sacred, set apart for God)?
  1. What are the reasons given in this passage for observing a Sabbath?
    • Hint: When there are connecting prepositions such as “so”, “but”, “because”, pay extra attention to what follows.
    • According to the passage, what might be the main reason that God instituted a Sabbath for the people of Israel?
  2. What questions come to mind?
  3. Why is this a commandment that is so important “for generations”?
  1. What has been your personal/family experience of Sabbath?
    • What examples have you seen of healthy, holy rest?
  2. What do we lose if we don’t keep Sabbath rest?
    • Search online for “benefits of rest sleep” to read one article. What did you learn that is helpful for you? Many of us function as if rest and sleep were optional activities; is this familiar to you?
    • What is essential for Sabbath rest for you?
  3. Are there ways you might keep Sabbath times daily? Weekly? Monthly? Yearly? Periodically throughout life?
    • Is there something you might want to add to you soul/body practice of rest in order to be more healthy?


This lesson is part of a series. For the introduction, further resources and related lessons in English, see Staying Healthy along the Way.  Para Español, ver Mantenerse Saludable sobre El Camino.