Series 22 Letting Go Lesson 5 Psalm 55

PurposeTo slow down, ponder the word of God, and to hear God’s voice, possibly regarding something you might need to be letting go. 

This study uses a Lectio Divina method, one of the oldest known approaches to scripture.  Lectio Divina is different from other scripture studies in that it is more listening to and experiencing God communicating with us through scripture rather than reading for knowledge.

Prepare Find a quiet, restful place, free of distractions.  Take some deep breaths; circle your arms to slowly up as you inhale and gradually lower with the exhale.  Release your mind of concerns by naming each as you inhale and releasing as you exhale.  Sit quietly for a few moments; listen to the sounds in this space.

Read Psalm 55 slowly and thoughtfully.  Focus on reading slowly and repetitively.  Focus on the word/words/phrase that speak to you. Write them down.  Listen for God’s voice speaking to you.

Meditate Meditation is actively engaging the text in your mind and opening yourself to the movement of the Spirit.  Let the chosen words enter into your consciousness and become a part of you.  Allow them to interact with your concerns, memories, hopes, fears, and emotions.

Take time to reflect on a section of the Psalm; focus on the words or phrases that stood out in the reading.

Ponder these words. How is the Spirit is speaking into your life?  Journal your thoughts.

Pray Using clenched fists, begin a conversation with God, whether you need to cry out from anguish, confess something that has been revealed through this psalm or use the words of the psalm that spoke to you.  Prayer is revealing the deepest parts of your self to a loving God. Write your prayer in your journal.

Contemplate Reread verse 22.  What burden do you need to cast on the Lord?  Rest in the presence of God, with your hands and body indicating your current emotion.  Allow the words you have read, meditated upon, and the prayer you have written to influence the depths of your soul.  In this step we rest in the knowledge and presence of God and listen for how to move from words to action. What do you notice?  Record this impression; this movement of the Spirit.

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