Series 22 Letting Go Lesson 3 – Abraham and Isaac

Ignatian Method   Genesis 22

Read Genesis 22 as a narrative.  Write down any questions or observations you have.

Now read the story again, this time as Abraham.  You have waited decades for this promised son, Isaac.  Your other son, the one born by Sarah’s servant, has left.  Isaac is all you have.  Read the passage slowly, considering your thoughts and emotions at each stage of the story.  Write down your reflections, questions, thoughts.

Get up and walk a few paces.  Change position.  Refocus your thoughts to Isaac.  You are a young boy, off on an adventure with your father.  Read the passage again, this time considering the thoughts and emotions as Isaac.  What changes occur in your thoughts as you move through the narrative?  Write down your observations, thoughts, questions.

Move around a bit again.  Clear your mind, and refocus.  This time, as you read through the story, look at the events from God’s perspective.  What is your reasoning?  What happens to your thoughts about Abraham?  Isaac?  How does this relate to your own Son?  Write down your reflections and observations.

Looking back over your notes, reflect on the following:

  • What does this story teach you about letting go?
  • What does this story show you about who God is?
  • What have you learned about how God relates to his people?
  • How does this story speak to your situation?

Close your time in prayer – a time to speak to God, and listen to his voice to you.

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