Series 19 Clothed with Christ Retreat Session 4 Application (group)

NOTE:  This lesson was written as part of a Spiritual Retreat.  For more information on the retreat, click here.

The purpose in this final group session is to summarize what the Spirit has done among you as a group:  What have you learned and then how can each group member take this to their home context and calling? [The main point of this session is not the presentation. The presentation is one idea that your small group takes away from the retreat.]

Summarize/Discuss in your small group:

  • In your individual time, what piece of clothing did you baptize with a new significance?
  • Each person looks at what was written in journal during Session 1 Application. What do you notice?
  • What has the Spirit been teaching us together in this space as a group?


  • What would it look like if we lived clothed with Christ all the time? What do you imagine?  Dream of?
  • How would it change relationships in marriages, families, churches, workplaces?


How can we represent this to share this with other groups — Being clothed with Christ — in a way that will serve and impact the people around us?  Make a representation of approximately 2 minutes and practice it together.


End your time praying together for one another to continue being clothed with Christ.

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