Series 19: Clothed with Christ Retreat – Introduction

The studies in this series were originally written for a weekend spiritual retreat.  They can be used:

  • as an individual or small group studies in the same way as the other series offered here,
  • as a personal retreat over several weeks, or
  • as a weekend retreat as an individual or as part of a group.

A new session of the retreat will be made available each week. Many of the sessions are divided into individual studies followed by a small group study.  The small group study is intended to further develop the individual study, particularly in regards to application.

How to Use this Retreat

If you decide to do this series as an individual retreat, we will provide the choice of an individual application study to be used in place of the small group study.  If you decide to do this with a small group, the individual studies are intended to be done alone, with the group studies following, to be discussed in a small group of 5-8 persons.  Before you begin the retreat series, read the welcome which explains the specifics of the retreat and introduces the theme “Clothed with Christ”.

New Content Each Week

A new study of the retreat will be published each week for about 13 weeks.  If you use the materials as a retreat, consider scheduling 4 sessions, plus an introductory session for individual preparation.  The sessions generally are in two parts:  individual and application (either individual or small group).  Session 3 has the option of five individual studies on five different Spiritual Disciplines.  One discipline will be published each week until all five are completed.  The application study will be published the following week.  Session 4 is a summary, also in two parts.

Receive a Weekly Reminder

To make it easier for you to establish a routine, we are happy to offer you an email reminder each week. Sign up at the bottom of the home page to subscribe to the blog.  Each time a new study is published, you will receive a notice in your inbox.  (Since the studies are published in both Spanish and English on different days, you will receive notification for both).

Choose the Session

  • Choose a Session of the retreat from the “Clothed with Christ” page.
  • Each session includes a number of stages to be used slowly and prayerfully, progressing at a pace that suits you.
  • Additional weeks of the retreat will be available as they are published.
  • A ‘Next Session’ link will be displayed in the last stage of each session when the next stage has been published.

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