Series 19: Clothed With Christ Retreat Welcome

Welcome to the Clothed with Christ retreat. A retreat is a time set apart to grow personally and relationally.  It is a time to listen to God, to actively engage with Scripture, and to be refreshed and challenged by the Holy Spirit.

 Introduction to the Theme

 Clothing is a theme that runs through the Bible, beginning in Genesis and ending in Revelation.  Being clothed with Christ includes the concepts of both wearing clothing that marks us a followers of Christ, and fitting into that clothing in such a way that we become who we were created to be only when we are clothed in this manner.  Learning to take inventory of our lives in a way that identifies what we need to put off, and what we need to put on, becomes a daily practice of choosing to clothe ourselves in ways of being and doing that are glorifying and pleasing to God.

 The Retreat Approach

 The core and center of this retreat is the Face-to-face times with God.  Through these individual exercises, you are encouraged to practice new methods of interacting with Scripture, processing the Word, and connecting with God.  As you move through the studies, listen to God, trusting the movement of the Spirit in your own mind, body and heart. Be hospitable to the working of the Spirit in you.

 The Application studies can be done individually or in a small group.  This is a time to clarify your thoughts and apply the reflection you have done during the Face-to-face time with God.  If you choose to do this in a small group, it is an opportunity to hear from other group members in a way that confirms, corrects and deepens your understanding, providing challenges to live out what you have learned.


 May the following prayer be yours as you journey through this retreat:

 Spirit of Love, who moves with creation
Drawing the threads to color and design,
Life into life, you knit our true salvation.
Come work with us, weave us into one.
Though we have frayed the fabric of your making,
Tearing away from all that you intend,
Yet to be whole, humanity is aching:
Come, work with us and weave us into one.
Great loom of God, where history is woven,
You are the frame that holds us to the truth,
Christ is the theme, the pattern you have given:
Come work with us, and weave us into one.

 (From Worship Workshop, WCC Assembly, Melbourne, 1991.  Soul Weavings, ed. Lyn Klug, Augsburg, 1996).

See also:  Introduction.  Then begin with the Preparation Session, continuing with the 4 sessions that follow.

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