Series 18 Lent: The Suffering Servant Lesson 2 Isaiah 49

Lesson 2:  Never Forget — Isaiah 49  (Lectio Divina)

Lectio:  Read Isaiah 49 to familiarize yourself with the context.

Note:  It is understood by most scholars that “the servant” refers to the Messiah.  It is the Messiah that God is speaking to here.

Read verses 5-16.  Consider the following:

  • What is the purpose of the servant stated in verse 5?
  • How is this purpose changed in this passage?
  • What promises are made by God to his servant?

Read verses 8-16.  What promises are made to the “captives?”  Write them down.

Meditatio:  Choose the words and/or phrases that stand out to you.  Reflect on these words, repeating them to yourself.  Why are they important to you?  What do they tell you about God?  About his relationship to the world?  To his people?

Oratio:  Read verses 8-13 as a prayer.  Spend time in the presence of God, praying these words.

Contemplatio:  Consider how the change of purpose for the Messiah, from Israel exclusively to the inclusion of the whole world, has impacted the people of God.  Focus on verses 14-16.  These words are spoken for those who will later become the church.  Reflect on how believing the reality of these words might change the way we view church and relationships within the body of Christ. Record your insights.

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