Series 17 Clothed with Christ Lesson 5: Isaiah 61

Isaiah 61 Lectio Divina (Lectio in Groups)

Lectio:  Read Isaiah 61.

  • As you read a second time, highlight all the words and phrases having to do with clothing.
  • Many contrasts are contained in these verses. Note the contrasts by writing the words in two columns (For example:  crown of beauty/crown of ashes).  What contrasts stand out to you?
  • Read once more, this time focusing on the changes that God promises to bring about.

Meditatio:  Choose the part of this chapter that most speaks to you.  Reread the verses, and spend some time meditating on them.  In your journal, write the thoughts that are impressed upon your heart.

 Oratio:  Pray using the words of the text as a hymn of praise and worship to God.

 Contemplatio:  Sit in silence, again going through the text.  Consider how God might be working in your life to bring about the restoration pictured in these verses.  Finish by reciting the words of verse 10:  “I delight greatly in the Lord;  my soul rejoices in my God.”  Carry these words with you throughout your day.

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