Series 13: The Presence of God Lesson 4 — Luke 2

The Incarnation:  Jesus the Savior

Read Luke 2:21-40 as if you are reading the story for the first time.  Take time to wonder and ask questions about the events as they are recorded.  Write down your questions.

Read Simeon’s prayer in verses 29-32.  Highlight the words that stand out to you.  Listen to them again, hearing them as Joseph and Mary heard them.  Reflect on their meaning.

Read Simeon’s words to Mary in verses 34-35.  How might Mary have received these words?  What did they mean to her?  What do they mean to us?

Read verses 36-38.  What is the significance of Anna’s actions regarding Jesus?  How might Mary have interpreted this?

Reflect on what happens when God touches earth.  Compare this story with the previous stories about God’s presence on earth (Lessons 1-3 in this series).  What are the similarities?  What is the connection? What is the significance of salvation, light and glory?

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