Advent: Light of the World – Lesson 5

John 1:1-14 — Lectio Divina

Read:  John 1:1-14.  Reflect on the words of this passage that strike you—highlighting or writing them in your journal.

Meditate:  Go into a very dark room or closet and let your eyes get accustomed to the light.  Once they are, turn on the light (or even better, have someone else turn it on when you are not expecting it).  Consider the range of your responses to that light—the adjustments of your eyes, the sudden impact, the discomfort, and (if you were not expecting the light) the fear and perhaps even anger.  Record your responses.  Reflect on what this means for a world walking in darkness which is suddenly exposed to the Light of the World.

Pray:  As you pray, remember all the dark places in your own life where Jesus has brought light and give thanks.  Pray also for the many places of darkness where the light has not yet penetrated.  Pray for the grace and truth of the gospel to continue bringing light to the world around us.

Contemplate:  Consider the dark places that you are aware of in the communities in which you live.  Choose one place in this week and ask God to give you the courage and opportunity to bring his light into that place of darkness.

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