Advent: The Light of the World – Lesson 3

Isaiah 61Lectio Divina (Lectio in groups)


  • Read Isaiah 61.
  • Make a chart of two columns.
  • Read a second time and complete the chart as follows:  On one side list what the Lord has anointed his servant to do.  On the other side, list for whom this is done.  i.e., bring good news – the poor.
  • Verses 2-4 refer to those who mourn in Israel.
    • Highlight what God will do for those who mourn.
    • Highlight in a different color what will be accomplished by those who mourn.


  • What is the significance of the foreigners who will be their servants (vs. 5)?
  • Contrast this to the promises made to the position of honor God’s chosen people will be given among the nations (vs. 6-11)?
  • Write your reflections on these verses.

Oratio:  Use the words of this chapter as a prayer:

  • Confess your role in causing suffering and affliction in the world
  • Thank God for his justice and righteousness
  • Pray for those who are victims of injustice

Contemplatio:  Compare the words of this passage to the following scriptures.  Focus on how Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of these words, and what that means for us today.  How does this change your understanding of the words of Isaiah 61?  See Luke 4:14-21; Matthew 5:1-12; Matthew 11:2-5

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