Series 9 – Parables of Jesus – Lesson 4 – Stories about Friends and Parents

Read  the two parables in Luke 11:5-13, then read the context of the stories, Luke 11:1-13.  Notice how Jesus frames the teaching with illustrations from the lives and context of the listeners.

You may want to review the explanations of how to understand the parables of Jesus as one main point and as stories.

This passage about prayer is often focused on the persistence of the person who is praying and asking. Consider that the village context is in a culture of hospitality.  Perhaps the purpose of these stories is to reveal the God who answers, more than to train on how to ask. The second story about good parents lends supports this focus.

If a friend of yours showed up in the middle of the night with an urgent request regarding the need of another to eat, who among you would ever even remotely consider refusing the request?  And even if you would (which of course you won´t) then it would be the friend’s audacity and unapologetic boldness confirming the urgency of the need, in spite of the inconvenience.   Ponder:  What does this tell us about God?

Read the stories multiple times, listening to what they teach us about God.

Return to verses 2-4.  Who is God, that we can audaciously pray these words taught by Jesus to his disciples?

Record your observations.  Notice your emotions.

Rest in prayer with the God who answers and gives good gifts.

Respond by committing to an initial step in actions or attitude that these parables are calling you to implement.


Index for Parable Series in English or español

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