Series 7 Spiritual Disciplines Lesson 6 Prayer (1)

Prayer is communicating with God and, as a Spiritual Discipline, it is regular communication on a daily basis.  Prayer can take place at any time, in any place, but to establish it as a habit, it is worthwhile considering setting aside a regular time each day to spend in the presence of God.  Effective communication involves both talking and listening, and effective prayer involves both as well.

Some of the best times we remember as children with the significant adults in our lives is when we could be together.  Sometimes that involved a lot of words, but other times not so much – just being together was enough.  Sometimes we talked about our needs and concerns, and at other times we just listened to them share insights and wisdom from their experiences.  All are necessary for a good relationship.

Read John 17.  Note the relationship between Jesus and God.

  • How is this relationship shown through Jesus’ words?
  • Make a list, or highlight the things for which Jesus prays.
  • What are the desires he expresses for himself?
  • What are his concerns for his followers?
  • What is the overall impact of these words?
  • How do they speak to you?
  • What do they say to you about prayer?
  • Journal your observations.

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