Series 6 — Don’t Be Afraid — Lesson 2 Isaiah 8:11-17

Isaiah 8Lectio Divina

Read:  Isaiah 8:11-17.  As you read these verses, underline the words related to fear.  The second time you read, highlight or circle the words that speak to you of hope, trust and comfort.

Meditate:  Think about the words you underlined.  Consider the influences in your life that make you fearful.  Make a list.  Repeat the words of hope, trust and comfort that you highlighted.  Let them sink into your being, reading them over several times.

Pray:  Place your fears before God.  Name your list and ask God to teach you to think about these influences in a different light.  Pray for the wisdom and courage to think differently than those around you.  Pray for a healthy fear of the Lord, putting your trust in the Savior.

Contemplate:  Look at your list of influences that make you fearful.  Consider ways to lessen their influence over you, and take steps to either remove them from your life or look at them differently so they don’t cause you to be fearful.  Look for opportunities to bring hope, comfort and a demonstration of trust in the Lord to those in your community who struggle with fear.

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