Advent Promises: Lesson 4

Zechariah’s Song

Read:  If time permits, read the entire chapter of Luke 1 for background information.  Then read Luke 1:67-79.  Highlight or record in your journal the words and/or phrases that stand out to you.

Meditate:  As you repeat and reflect upon the words and/or phrases that you highlighted, consider how they must have sounded to the Jews to whom Zechariah spoke.  Meditate on the promises spoken by Zechariah regarding the Messiah.

 Pray:  Thank God for his great gift of Jesus.  Use the words of verses 77-79 as a prayer of thanks and praise to God.  Pray for those who are still walking in darkness, that they might experience the tender mercy of God and the knowledge of salvation.

cielo y luz Contemplate:  Throughout scripture the Messiah is depicted as bringing light.  Think about where darkness dwells in your relationships and communities.  As image-bearers of God, consider how you might bring the light of the Messiah into your context today.

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