Series 6 — Don’t Be Afraid — Lesson 4 Psalm 139

Psalm 139 — Lectio Divina

ReadPsalm 139.  Read a second time, highlighting or noting the words that speak to you about the intimate way in which God knows you.

baby's feetMeditate:  Spend some time reflecting on how completely God knows you—everything about you.  Notice the detailed care of you formation in the womb and the many thoughts which God has for you.

Pray:  Pray the words of verses 23 and 24.  Name the anxious thoughts and fears that are bothering you and turn them over to God’s loving care.  Sit quietly, allowing the Spirit to speak to your soul and listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Contemplate:  Consider how the words of this Psalm can change the way you perceive yourself and others.  Knowing that God knows you so completely and loves you unconditionally, how can this help you turn your focus outward to love and serve others in gratitude?  List some actions you can take toward someone you know that can reflect this love toward them.