Series 6 — Don’t Be Afraid — Lesson 6 Psalm 56

Psalm 56 — Lectio Divina

Preparation:  Position yourself in a comfortable place with your Bible and journal.  Spend a few moments in prayer, asking God to speak through the words of this Psalm and quiet your heart.

Read:  Read through the entire Psalm 56, aloud if possible.  In the second reading, read slowly and highlight or note in your journal the words and/or phrases that particularly speak to you.

Meditate:  Review the words or phrases that stood out to you.  Repeat them over to yourself until they become a part of you.  Allow the Holy Spirit to speak through these words, perhaps recalling a relationship that needs attention, or reminding you to call upon God in your time of need.

Pray:  Talk to God about the things that you have been reminded of.  If it is helpful, record your conversation in your journal.  Pray for the courage to face your fears and turn them over to God.  Allow for a time of silence to hear God’s response to you.

Contemplation:  As you conclude your time with God, reread verses 9-13.  Consider what steps you can take to move forward in the face of fear, knowing that God is with you. Rest secure in the knowledge that God is trustworthy, and his Spirit gives life.