Series 16 The Acts of the Holy Spirit – Lesson 6: Acts 21:17-23:1

The Holy Spirit at Work in Paul’s Life and in our Lives

Read Acts 21:17-23:1

  • List the many ways the Holy Spirit at work in Paul’s life.
  • Choose a story to share of a time when the Holy Spirit was acting in your life, perhaps even if you didn’t even name it at the time. Listen to each other’s stories.  (If you are doing the study alone, consider asking several persons in your faith community to share their stories with you.)

 The Holy Spirit will act

with or without us.

 Use this prayer of Daily Examen* as a spiritual exercise to sensitize ourselves to the movement of the Spirit.

  • Reflect on the past 24 hours with gratitude. How you have seen and experienced movement of grace from the Holy Spirit?
  • Is there an attitude, need, or relationship that calls for attention?
  • Pray together in confession and intercession, recognizing our need for grace to be attentive to the Spirit.

 *The Daily Examen is developed from the work of Ignatius of Loyola [1491-1556].  It is used by personas of many denominations.  More resources available by searching the Web.