Series 23 The Gospel of Mark: Chapter 10

More Kingdom Training for Disciples

Read Mark 10 with a lens to consider how Jesus used multiple situations as teachable moments in the formation of his disciples. These disciples were the group of men and women who would would be carrying on the Kingdom work after Jesus’ years on earth were completed.



Reread the chapter multiple times to notice and collect the key verse or phrase in each situation.  You might highlight these on your device or list them in your journal.

Notice the context:

  • Who was present?
  • Where did this take place?
  • When did this take place in Jesus’ ministry?



Summarize in one or two words the key Kingdom value Jesus may have been emphasizing in each of the 6 situations. What do you notice about these values in the context?

Identify any questions that arise as you now reread this chapter one more time.



Consider which if these Kingdom values most speaks into…

  • your own life and context now?
  • your faith community or congregation?
  • current issues in your community/natuon/world?

Reflect with God and and also with those around you regarding your observations.  Is there a focus or intention to take with you from this study and prayer?


Series 23 in English – Mark’s Gospel

Serie 23 en español – El Evangelio de Marcos