Series 22 Letting Go – Lesson 1 – Psalm 103

Lesson 1-Psalm 103

This is the first lesson of preparation for the 2016 Retreats: Letting Go.

If you are unable to attend one of these events, look for the lessons to be published after the last retreat. You may choose to set aside time to create your personal retreat, join with a small group, gather a circle of friends, or perhaps use as materials for your congregation.

This study uses a Lectio Divina method. See Lectio Divina for more information, or guidelines for use in a group.



Discover something beautiful that you can look at in detail and ponder for several minutes. What details do you notice? What do you admire?



Read Psalm 103 slowly multiple times. Settle into the mood of the psalm…what sensations come as you read and reread this psalm?

Reread to focus on the word/words/phrase that speak to you. Write them down.  Listen for God’s voice speaking to you.



Take time to reflect on a section of the Psalm; focus on the words or phrases that stood out in the reading. Ponder these words, wonder about them, repeat them.  What do these words speak to you about who the Lord is? How is the Spirit is speaking into your life?  Journal your thoughts.



What is your response to God?  Explore what happens if you tell your soul to bless the Lord now in prayer.  Is there a part of you or your life experience that resists?  If so, open this deeply private space to God.

Perhaps you might write your own stanza for personalizing the psalm.



Allow the words you have read, meditated upon, and the psalm you may have written, to influence the depths of your soul.  In this step we rest in the knowledge and presence of God and listen for how to move from words to action. How do sense God inviting you to respond? Record this impression; this movement of the Spirit.

This lesson is part of a series. For the introduction, further resources and related lessons in English, see Letting Go in spanish see Soltando.