Series 13 The Presence of God Lesson 5: The Baptism of Jesus

The Baptism of JesusIgnatian Method

Read the narrative of Matthew 3 to become acquainted with the story.  Highlight or write down your first impressions.

Read the story again from the perspective of John the Baptist.  Consider the following questions and record any impressions:

  • What are you (John) passionate about?
  • What is most important to you as you speak to the crowds?
  • What is your message to the crowd about Jesus?
  • How do you feel when Jesus approaches you to be baptized?
  • What thoughts might be going through your head? What is it like to baptize the Messiah?

Read the story as one of the crowd, perhaps one of those recently baptized.

  • How do you receive John’s message of repentance?
  • What do you feel as you hear his words?
  • What are your thoughts as you see Jesus being baptized?
  •  In the parallel account of Jesus’ baptism in Luke 3, the crowd hears the voice of God speak to Jesus.  What is that experience like for you?

Read the story one last time as Jesus.

  • As you approach John and hear him speaking to the crowd, what are your thoughts and feelings for the crowd?  For John?
  • What is it like to receive a baptism of repentance before the people for whom you are going to redeem?
  • When you come up from the water and see the dove and hear the voice, what is that like for you?  What do those words mean to you?  What is the significance of that moment for your ministry, which is about to begin?

Reflect for a few moments about the significance of Jesus’ baptism.  Why do you think it was necessary (see vs. 15)?  What does it say about Jesus?  About God?  What are your thoughts about what the implications of this might be for your life today?  What does it say to you about the presence of God?

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