Series 13 – The Presence of God Lesson 3: 2 Chronicles 5

2 Chronicles 5 – The Presence of God in the Temple

Read 2 Chronicles 5 to get a sense of the account.  Imagine yourself as one of the priests who carried the ark.  Consider the years of preparation and planning for this event.  What is the sense of wonder as you place the Ark of the Covenant in its final resting place? What does this represent for you?

As you read again, notice the places where you observe:

  • obedience
  • community
  • leadership
  • preparation
  • worship

Why is each of these important?  What role does each play in the event?  What might this look like today?

Reread verses 13-14.  What would your reaction be to such a visible representation of the presence of God?

Reflect on how God is revealed in the world today.  What can we do to prepare to meet God? What can our expectations be? Record your reflections.

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