Series 13 – The Presence of God Lesson 1: Exodus 24

Ignatian Study of Exodus 24

Read Exodus 24 to get a sense of the story.  Identify the main characters.

Read a second time, this time as if you were Moses.

  • Consider the sense of responsibility you (Moses) feel as the intermediary between the Israelites and God.
  • How do you feel when you see God in verses 9-11?
  • What might you be thinking when you send the elders back and put Aaron and Hur in charge?
  • How would you feel during the 6 days of waiting in the cloud?

Read again, this time as one of the 70 elders.

  • How did it feel to be chosen to accompany Moses and Aaron on this journey, hearing the instruction in verses 1-2?
  • What might you (the elder) be thinking and experiencing as you eat and drink together in the presence of God?

Read the passage one more time, this time as God.stormy sky

  • Why do you (God) take such great care with the instructions?
  • Why do you invite the elders to dine with you?
  • What was your reason for making Moses wait 6 days before calling him into the cloud on the 7th day?

As you reflect, consider the following questions:

  1. Which reading did you find most helpful, and why?
  2. What new insights did you gain about the presence of God from these readings?
  3. How does reading the passage this way help you better understand the relationship between God and his people?  Write your insights in your journal.
  4. Name a takeaway (truth or insight) that you have gained.

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