Series 10: Psalms of Light – Lesson 6

Psalm 112 – Lectio Divina (Lectio in groups)


  • Read Psalm 112.
  • Read a second time, highlighting all of the words describing those who fear the Lord.
  •  Read a third time, highlighting the references to the righteous or righteousness.


  • Consider what it means that ‘their righteousness endures forever’ (vs. 4, 6, 9)?
  •  Focus on verse 4.  What does this mean?
  • Compare verse 2 with verse 6.  Reflect on the ability to influence others for good and be influenced by others for evil.  What are the implications here?


Pray for understanding of a fear of the Lord.  Pray for those who are righteous and just, that their light might rise in the darkness as a light for the upright.


Focus on verses 7 -8.  Ask God to show you the fear in your heart, and where you fail to rely on God for your security.  Listen to the voice of God through the words of the Psalm.

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