Series 7 Spiritual Disciplines Lesson 4 Meditation (2)

Meditating on Creation

God reveals himself to us not only through the Word, but also through the world he has created.  Another form of meditation is meditating upon creation.

  • bloodroot.jpgTake a walk or sit outside or by a window and focus on the world God has made. 
  • Turn your full attention to the detail of a leaf or flower, or even a blade of grass. 
  • Close your eyes and listen to the singing of the birds, the chatter of squirrels, or the gurgling of water. 
  • Consider the incredible detail and care given to each living thing and the environment to sustain that life.
  • Sit quietly and absorb the majesty of God.

To continue our comparison to children wanting to be like a parent, learning about God’s world would be comparable to a child spending the day with her father at work.  What does he do all day?  What does he produce?  How does he do that?  She may even come to the realization that he does this to provide for her and his family.  By meditating on creation, we can come to a better understanding of who God is as well as God’s love and care for each one of us.

Read Psalm 8.  Contemplate each item listed in verses 3 through 8, from heavenly bodies to earthly beings.  Meditate on the juxtaposition of the greatness of God and the relative smallness of humankind.  Find solace in the fact that this great God made you, cares for you, provides for you, loves you and redeemed you.  Be thankful.

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