Advent Promises: Lesson 3

Lectio Divina:  Isaiah 42

Read:  Read Isaiah 42:1-9.  The second time, read slowly, recording or highlighting the words or phrases that speak to you.

Meditate:  As you mediate, repeat the words and phrases that stood out to you.  Commit them to memory as you focus on the words that have been placed upon your heart.

Pray:  During your prayer time, consider the larger themes of justice, mercy and hope that are found in these verses.  Pray for wisdom and discernment as you contemplate the purpose God might have for you in the administration of these themes in the lives of those with whom you come in contact.  Give thanks for the way God created you and the gifts that you have been given.

Young woman. older man

Contemplate:  Spend some time prayerfully considering specific relationships and situations in which you might be able to offer justice, mercy or hope to someone you know.  Ask God to open opportunities for you to act, and set your mind to act when the opportunity presents itself.

Going Further:  These verses from Isaiah 42 are used by Jesus to refer to himself in Matthew.  Read Matthew 12:9-21.  Notice the differences between the texts.  Reflect on what it means that Jesus is the hope of the world.  How might this make a difference in your life and your relationships?

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