Read 1 John 5 several times. If possible, re-read chapter 4 once to connect the ideas with the first part of chapter 5.
* You may consult the general explanation of Inductive Bible Study.

  1. Highlight the repeated words and phrases, utilizing a variety of colors or marking to group concepts.
  2. Make note of the questions that arise as you study. (Answers can be investigated as part of the Interpretation section following.)
  3. Draw attention to the contrasts and comparisons.
  4. Create a visual representation for the author’s imagery regarding the testimony in vs.6-10.
  5. Note the repetition of “we know” and list what it is that we know.


  1. What seem to be the author’s concerns behind the teaching in this chapter?
  2. What is the key concept about God and about Jesus in this chapter? Why was this important for the original listeners?
  3. What other theology or teaching about the members of the Trinity can be understood from this chapter?
  4. Why do vs.4-5 say that only those who believe Jesus is the Son of God can win the battle against the evil world?  For the original listeners, how did they understand the “evil world”?
  5. Reflect on what it is that “we know”.
  6. Compare the translation vs.21 in the NLT with some other translations. Find the congruence.
  7. Explore answers to any questions you wrote while doing the Observations.


  1. How does God speak to you through this chapter of 1 John?
  2. This chapter is full of assurances to the believers.  What are the feelings that these create in you?
  3. Do you have idols or “anything that might take God’s place in your hearts”?
FYI, Vs.16b-17 appear to be a tangential comment that grows out of the example of how we can make our requests to God for things that please him.  Because this study focuses on the key ideas in this passage, it will not analyze “sin that leads to death”.  Notice how the author of I John pulls the flow of thoughts back to what “we know”.

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