Series 5 The Gospel According to Christmas Lesson 3: Peace at Christmas

Peace at Christmas  Luke 2:10-14

Read Luke 2 to understand the context.

Read Luke 2:10-14, following these instructions:

  • Close your eyes and imagine the scene.
  • Pretend you are one of the shepherds, and try to place yourself there.
  • Hear the words of the angel as though you are one of the shepherds, hearing them for the first time.
  • Take one verse at a time, listening as though you don’t know what is coming, and don’t know what this is all about.
  • Give yourself time to react before going on to the next verse.

Read verse 10:  Introduction.

  • What is the focus of the angel’s announcement?
  • What do you think this might be about?
  • Describe your feelings.

Read verse 11: 

  • What titles are given to Jesus by the angel?
  • What do these names mean to you?
  • What do they make you think of?
  • What promises do they evoke?
  • As you hear this as one of the shepherds, what would you expect to find if you went looking for this baby?
  • Reflect on these images for a few minutes and write out your thoughts.

Read verse 12:

  • What is the sign that the shepherds are to look for?
  • How does this compare to the expectations you recorded after hearing vs. 10-11?
  • What would you be thinking now?
  • What would your reaction be?

Read verses 13-14:

  • The hosts of heaven refer to the Lord’s army – an army of angels.
  • What is the message of this army?  What does it mean?
  • As one of the shepherds, how would you hear this message for yourself?
  • What are the implications beyond yourself?

Take a few minutes to reflect on this scene.  The Savior, the long-awaited Messiah, the Lord — God himself, is born.  And he will be in a manger.  And an army of angels brings the message along with a promise of peace.  Write down your thoughts, observations, insights and questions.

Reflect on the wonder of shepherds.  Pray that God will give you a heart to see the incarnation as those who received this joyful news on the first Christmas.